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Holistic Self-Care

Breathe and listen, feel and flow.

The mosaic of practices that I propose to you is the result of my personal research, started to support my health. Only later, after almost twenty years of practice, did I then decide to delve into their deeper meaning, and start theI walkwhich I'm here to share with you today.

My therapeutic approach which consists in accompanying people, taking into account their specific needs, to rediscover one's own breathing and deep contact with oneself. Each of us can find the right guide for himself, it just depends on what you are looking for at this precise moment of your life. 

Consult the coursesat your disposal, or contact me to create your personalized journey together, I'm here to support your mission of rediscovery!


Breathe and listen, feel and flow.

Every day we receive signals that somehow guide us to choose oursI walk.

What we live, and experience, can possibly help us toExpand usAndConnect uswith oursTrue Self.

Cultivate our ownWell beingit is the best gift, both for us and for those around us. 


Thanks for contacting me!

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