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Pure Holistic Nutrition

Today I introduce youAnamkara.LAB, a kind guide dedicated to those who want to renew the dialogue with themselves.

To this project born in 2019 withCecilia Dieci, PhD in Biotechnology and Nutritionist,wonderful friends who we wanted with us collaborate, because we respect them as people and as professionals in their sector.


The leitmotif of the project is to integrate our skills while maintaining a simple language, addressed to those who take their first steps in the world of nutrition, yoga, beauty and, more generally, holistic well-being._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149 -20813d6c673b_

We will share professional experiences, studies, recipes and travels with you. Aware that we will never stop learning.

Our experience

here and now for you.

(ṣan'a) al-kīmīyā/

In-depth articles on issues related to health and well-being, created thanks to the direct contribution of Health and Well-being Professionals.
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